Bartending Testimonials


Student Testimonials

"I was impressed with the course from the beginning and it certainly prepared me for bartending at The Harvard Club, where I've been bartending since I graduated from DrinkMaster. I was well prepared and confident-I knew exactly what to do on my first day on the job."

Sue Rushford, Boston

"I landed a job at a nightclub in the North End one week after completing the course at DrinkMaster. I've now been a resident bartender for the past four months and am taking home more in tips than I ever dreamed. The training I received was invaluable and my employer has been impressed with my knowledge and skill. Thank you, DrinkMaster!

Emily Carmignani, Boston

"I started out at a hotel, then a restaurant, and now at a cool club. DrinkMaster taught me the recipes and techniques I needed to work at all three very different venues."

Joshua Stockdale, Worcester

"I really owe a lot to DrinkMaster. If I hadn't enrolled in your course I wouldn't have the confidence to open my own bar/restaurant. And now I have a wonderful career and great future…we plan to open our doors in three months!

Vanessa Chen, Boston

"Since graduating from DrinkMaster I have been selected out of a pool of 300 applicants to open a new bar, was voted "Favorite Bartender", and also worked at a prestigious country club. I have had great experience and have earned excellent money."

Lauren Comeau, Leominster

"I'm currently bartending full-time at the Museum of Fine Arts restaurant. It's the perfect interim career while I decide what I want to do, and gives me the flexibility and earning power to have fun along the way. Thanks, DrinkMaster."

Thomas Van Geel, Boston

“I work full time at State Street, and work for the Ritz on weekends. I really enjoy serving customers, and it brings in a social aspect to my life that I lacked with my day job. Plus now I make lots of extra cash! I’m thinking about quitting my day job, and working full time in bartending instead.”

Brian CorCorcan

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Employer Testmonials

“DrinkMaster graduates have the skill foundation to get behind the bar without the bad habits of more experienced bartenders. They’re easily teachable, fresh, and ready to mold!”

Lou Delpidio Owner of Felt.

“I turn to DrinkMaster when seeking bartenders because I know I’ll find professional, knowledgeable, and well trained employees. DrinkMaster has been a great source of bartenders for us”

Steve R., Manager, The Roxy.

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