Master Bartending Course

offered in Boston, Framingham and Worcester, MA

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Hands-on training behind an authentic bar gets you what you need in less time (See Course Schedules below). Once you finish the core requirements you are welcome to take unlimited refresher bartending classes for FREE. You can even come back in a year just to practice with our instructors. You will be behind the bar with your fellow students mixing drinks on your first day. No prior experience required.

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(A $75.00 minimum deposit is required to Enroll. The remaining Balance is due by the beginning of your course) DrinkMaster accepts payment by Cash, Master Card, Visa, money order or certified bank check. DrinkMaster does not accept personal check payments. All manuals, certifications and supplies are covered in your tuition. There are no hidden costs.

Course Schedules

The Master Bartending Course Curriculum offers flexible scheduling options. With free lifetime refresher bartending classes your course may last as long as you like. If you ever miss a class you are always entitled to make it up.

      New Courses Offered Every Week
  • 1 Week: M-F, 11:00am-3:00pm*
  • 1 Week: M-F, 6:00pm-10:00pm*
  • 2 Weekends: Sat/Sun, 11:00am-4:00pm*
  • 2 Weekends: Sat/Sun, 4:30pm-9:30pm*

*Liability Certification – (ServSafe Alcohol $30)

Your Certification is recognized nationally .Certification classes are now offered online. You may login and logout multiple times remotely for up to 30 days until you complete the program. This additional class is $30. Instructions will be provided upon completion of your Master Bartending Program.

ServeSafe is the most recent Bartending Certification program issued by the National Restaurant Association. This is the newest and most preferred certification program which replaces older programs you may have heard of such as Tips and BarCode.

*Resume - Job Placement Coaching

Interview and Resume coaching is most effective 1 on 1 to encourage each students unique strenths and interview style. We'll train you to understand the 'Big Picture" and what creates a powerful interview. Job placement assistance is covered which includes access to our online bartending job database. At your convenience contact DrinkMaster to schedule a private coaching session. Coaching may also be conducted over the phone. DrinkMaster by law can not guarantee job placement.


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