Catering 101 – 1 Day Class

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Learn how to Bartend and maximize cash tips at private house parties, weddings and catering events. This informative class covers the entire protocol of how to be successful bartending at private events. We'll cover proper bar setup, top requested drinks and strategies to keep the guests happy.

Many establishments serve food at the bar and understanding proper food service significantly increases your potential to be hired. The class also covers the essentials of proper food service. Additional job coaching is covered as well.

After completion of the class apply for a Job with our in house Staffing Company. This is a great way to break into the industry! Catering offers a flexible and convenient opportunity to work. Feel free to apply to work at multiple catering and staffing companies. Having a "Formal Hospitality Class" on your resume makes you much more appealing to hire.


$75 ($45 for DrinkMaster Graduates)


  • Thursdays – 3:00pm - 5:30pm- NEXT COURSE Thursday, January 12th

Enroll now!