Our Team

“One of our best remote events of the year!  Jason & Yulia are incredibly easy to work with, very responsive and accommodating of our needs.  My manager was thrilled, and we got lots of thankful and praising messages from various teammates about the event. Eric our host was lively, fun, energetic and gave us an amazing mixology class for our team. It was a massive success.”

Jason Rothe, CEO, Owner

Jason Rothe has been on an entrepreneurial journey in the hospitality and experiential events industry since the age of 19.  His enthusiasm & motivation to adapt and pivot to the needs of his customers and employees has been inspiring.  His can-do positive attitude has been key to long-term business success.

Yulia Voronenko, Customer Service Manager

Yulia delivers consistenlty great customer service.  Her pleasant attitude, and committment to her clients is unmatched.   Her followup, and timely correpsondence are important to her as are the relationships she builds with her clients. 

Eric Cross, Craft Cocktail Host

Eric is one of Boston’s most well-regarded Craft Cocktail Bartenders. He has created craft cocktail programs throughout the city of Boston and has trained hundreds of other Bartenders. Eric’s culinary talents and reputation earned him the privilege of becoming the Dali Lama’s personal tea-maker. They call him “Yoda” in the industry, “The One Who Knows.” 


“Eric’s enthusiasm and charismatic personality kept the group engaged for our 90 minutes together. As most know virtual settings can come with a variety of challenges but our event was perfect and most of us felt like we were right inside the bar alongside Eric.”

Let’s Make This

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