How to Get a Bartending Job

Here you can view resume examples, cover letters, thank you cards,  business cards and Job Coaching tips.  You are always welcome to take advantage of our Job Coaching Workshops offered weekly by appointment in-person or over the phone.  For assistance call 617-482-1999.

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Steps to Success:

Print out the cocktail menu, wine list, beer menu and food menu of the bar/restaurant you are interested in.   If you are searching for places to apply, Google has created an outstanding Job Filtering Feature.  In Google Search, type Bartending Jobs Near Me.  Bar managers are often interested in hiring employees who live close by as you are less likely to be late.   Also, do a search for Bars Near Me.   Sometimes applying to a bar that’s not actively posting job positions is to your advantage as you are not competing with a stack of fresh resumes.

The interview itself is just one piece of your success.  Your success is in your preparation and follow-up.  Always do your research. Don’t get caught in the loop of just filling out an application.  Always follow up and reiterate your interest.

Demonstrate qualities with action.

Business Cards 

Demonstrate Showmanship, Presentation, and Initiative.  The objective is to show your confidence behind the bar.  The look is approachable and friendly.  You are also branding yourself and standing out from a stack of resumes.

Bartending cover letter

Cover Letter Examples 

Cover Letter:  Presenting a cover letter addressed to the hiring manager demonstrates courtesy and your specific intention to work for them.

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Bartending Resume

Resume Example

Demonstrate BARTENDING is your priority and current focus.   Managers want to know if other employers have trusted you.  Use the enclosed resumes examples to illustrate how you can describe your success and progress in previous jobs. Please call us for one on one resume coaching.

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Bartending Resume

Thank You Cards / Follow-up

Demonstrate courtesy by sending a Thank you Card immediately after the interview: Send Thank you card addressed to the hiring manager reiterating your interest.

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Interview objectives & tips

Introduce yourself to the hiring manager:

Walk in during a slower time of the day, ideally between 2 pm – 4:30 pm, which is between lunch and dinner.  Express that you’d like to introduce yourself to a hiring manager.   Present an open folder containing highlighted printouts of the establishment’s menus.  Express that you’ve been studying their menus and you’d like to be considered for any future openings.   Have your business card and cover letter ready.  You may or may not have an opportunity for a sit-down interview.  Hand your business card over with the cover letter along with an application.

Menu Knowledge:

If you get a sit-down interview, demonstrate initiative. Immediately present an open folder with their cocktail menu, wine list, beer menu and food menu.  Tell them you’ve been studying their menus and would like to be considered for any future openings.  Express your interest and knowledge of their menu, tell them you would be enthusiastic to present the menu to guests. Demonstrate product knowledge about their specific wines, tequilas, beers etc.  Emphasize that you have an understanding of LOSS PREVENTION, QUALITY CONTROL, and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Loss Prevention:

Express your understanding that they are running a business. Reassure them that you are not going to over pour or throw half a stack of napkins at a small spill on the bar.

Quality Control/Presentation:

Express your understanding of the importance of presentation, clean environment and maintaining a pristine experience for the guests.

Repeat Business:

Express your understanding that generating repeat business is a primary objective.  We acknowledge customers promptly and thank them for coming in.


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