team Building boston, team building ideas in boston, corporate team building activity, team building activities, corporate team outing
team Building boston, team building ideas in boston, corporate team building activity, team building activities, corporate team outing



Team Building Boston Event Venue:  45 Bromfield St. Suite 301.    Framingham Event Venue:  328 Worcester Rd.

Experience Boston’s Best Team Building Event! 

If you are looking for a unique and original corporate team building Boston activity, DrinkMaster delivers.  The Cocktails Mixology class has been a favorite corporate team outing activity for many companies including Ernst and Young, Brown Brothers Harriman, Microsoft, Bain Capital, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte, Vista Print,, Amazon, Intel, and Google.

This highly engaging and informative team building activity includes signature cocktail tastings and a gourmet cheese tasting.  The environment and overall experience are exceptional.  The speakeasy bar ambiance is welcoming, the music is upbeat, and guests are behind the bar shaking margaritas, stirring martinis and learning craft cocktail techniques.

We make your group outing competitive and guests are constantly engaged.  There are lots of laughs as guests order drinks from one another and compete in cocktail trivia.   The team class includes hands-on instruction to prepare and serve classic cocktails and modern themed creations.

$85 Per Person!*

*Includes Signature Cocktail Tasting and Gourmet Cheese Tasting.

Call 617-482-1999

DrinkMaster accepts payment by Cash, Master Card, Visa, money order or certified bank check. No personal check payments.

team Building boston, team building ideas in boston, corporate team building activity, team building activities, corporate team outing

Team Building Boston Event Schedule

Custom Schedules are available: 

The Cocktails Mixology team event generally runs for 2.5 hours. 1-Day class, Monday through Friday & weekends.  Request information about our unique team building ideas in Boston, and Framingham.

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Team Building Cocktails & Mixology Events
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team Building boston, team building ideas in boston, corporate team building activity, team building activities, corporate team outing

$85 Per Person!*

*Includes Signature Cocktail Tastings and Gourmet Cheese Tasting.

Call 617-482-1999

DrinkMaster accepts payment by Cash, Master Card, Visa, money order or certified bank check. No personal check payments. 

Team Building Boston Corporate Clients


  We are always looking for a non-traditional corporate team building event and we hit the jackpot with DrinkMaster. The entire team loved the event and everyone walked away feeling like a real mixologist. Jason and the DrinkMaster team were fantastic and made everyone feel comfortable and confident. And we are still talking about some of the history of cocktail stories. We all learned how to “look like a pro” behind the bar, and how to support team members outside of the office. Highly recommended and Cayan will be back!

Evan B.

  Thank you for a fantastic event last week. The whole team had such a blast and we all learned so much! I already had a few colleges get in touch with me regarding this and I can’t say enough good things about you all to them. Your quick responses to emails, professionalism, and ease of organizing initially won me over. Jason and Mike, your back and forth commentary kept the energy in the room exciting and playful, inclusive, all while learning new things.


  I planned a Boston team building corporate outing event here for a cocktail-making class. Everyone had a blast and learned a lot! The setup was real and we ended the class with some tasty (real) mixed drinks. We were well taken care of and I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of a fun group activity.

Anna B.

Deloitte Consulting

tarik the creator
03:20 06 Oct 18
I never give our ratings or reviews on services I use. This is the one time where I feel compelled to give a rating, let alone a FIVE STAR rating. That should tell you everything.
Christopher Harrington
22:50 04 Sep 18
Jason and Yulia were helpful and great to work with. Got into my top choice restaurant/bar to start as a bar-back and am confident I will crush it and be a successful bartender in the near future. Thanks guys!
Ekaterina Zhukova
21:56 01 Sep 18
I took a Master Bartending Course and my experience was above all the expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable , passionate and professional. Lectures were well-organized , informative and with the most focus on practical part. At the end of the course you have to pass a final exam and upon successful completion of it, you will be awarded with the certificate , which comes in handy when you apply for jobs. Also, if you feel like you need more training you can come anytime after the completion of the course. Personally, I recommend this course to anyone because you will learn a lot and I feel like it worth it.
Uliana Certan
04:09 30 Jun 18
I recommend the Drinkmaster bartending course both as an experience as well as a gift to friends and loved ones hoping to enter the field or even just to raise the bar (hah) at their next house party. The course offers extensive opportunity to be behind the bar, make drinks, learn to free pour, take orders, and practice playing the role. The instructors are all knowledgeable, amicable, and pull from their previous experience to share stories and anecdotes about the trade. I especially appreciated the lessons on all the beverages - liquors, liqueurs, wines, beer - which included their history, the process by which they are made, and how they are best served and combined (where applicable). I took advantage of the free refresher classes and repeated the course once over with a new instructor and a new outlook. Overall the experience was well worth the price and makes me feel confident about my new skills and about applying them to a bartending job in the near future. This is a very practical course, and beyond fun.
Emma Hescock
14:51 29 Jun 18
I was very pleased with the course. It was intense and well instructed. After a week of hands-on legitimate training. I felt it was important to re-take the first fundamental class to retain additional information. With the ability to re-take the course as many times after the initial payment, I utilized their expertise and also had them review my resume.With confidence, experience and resume in hand I applied for bartending positions in my area. I was offered a job less than 15 days after completing the course. I would recommend the course to anyone willing to take the initiative to succeed in this proffession!
Beorn Brueckner
00:56 08 May 18
This course was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. I had an absolute blast working with a variety of instructors and different classmates. The training was hands on, they had us up and on our feet within minutes of starting on the first day. The instructors took the time to get to know me, and gave me helpful tips and trick to improve my abilities. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in entering the bartending work force or anyone who is just looking for a good time and to explore a new hobby.
William Mignault
20:14 18 Apr 18
Just graduated from this program last week. The class is very well put together. You will be taught everything you need to know for bartending. The teachers make class a fun learning experience. I would highly recommend this specific school to anyone looking to start bartending.
Tony Sicilia
17:36 23 Mar 18
I took the one week course over this past week in the Boston location. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for something fun to try, new to learn or if you want to improve upon your craft. The instructors over at the school were amazing. They’re very insightful and helpful and really work with you in a hands on approach to help make you a better bartender. I will certainly be recommending this class to my friends for them to try weather or not they’re trying to become a bartender or not because the knowledge that you walk away with after this course is worth it. I will defiantly be returning for some of the other classes that they offer here because it is an overall enjoyable and fun experience. If you or anyone is interested in bartending or learning more about the craft this is the place for you.
Hawi Mijena
02:59 03 Mar 18
What I saw online and read in reviews was the same I experienced in person. You learn so much in the week. I want to be a bartender even more now that I’ve completed my class. I first met Jason the owner over the phone and he was the same nice guy in person. He was always available to help. The atmosphere was fun and easy to learn. They help all the students with getting a job. I met a lot of new friends in my class. I want to teach here in the future.
Shuying Zhao
02:50 03 Mar 18
This was a fantastic experience. I learned so much from the different instructors. The price was absolutely worth it. I feel so good that I can go back and practice as much as I need. Location was very convenient being so near all the subway lines. Instructors were all professional and friendly. I've recommended the school to my friends.
Peter McLaughlin
15:27 04 Jan 18
I'm not typically one to write reviews, but I had a fantastic experience from start to finish at DrinkMaster. You spend almost the entire time behind the bar, and learn how to make dozens and dozens of different drinks. The focus is less on memorizing how to make each individual drink and more on understanding the different categories of drinks and how to use that knowledge to make almost any variety. After the class ends you can come back and take it again to brush up as much as you want, and the employees go out of their way to reach out to you and offer help with resumes and job placement. I can not recommend it enough.
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