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Master Bartending Course

$449.00  $375.00*

JOB TRAINING – 1 WEEK – Unlimited FREE Refresher Classes *Sale Ends Soon

Offered in Boston and Framingham.

Our most popular job training course is designed for anyone interested in getting a bartending job.  NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

New Courses are offered Every Week!
1 Week: M-F, 10:00am-2:00pm*
2 Weekends: Sat/Sun, 10:00am-3:00pm*

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DrinkMaster Bartending School - JOB TRAINING:

Our most popular job training course is designed for anyone interested in getting a bartending job.  NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.  Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

Hands-on training behind an authentic bar gets you what you need in less time. Once you finish the core requirements, you are welcome to take unlimited refresher bartending classes for FREE. You can even come back in a year just to practice with our instructors. You will be behind the bar with your fellow students mixing drinks on your first day. No prior experience required.

The Master Bartending Course Curriculum offers flexible scheduling options. If you ever miss a class, you are always entitled to make it up.

New Courses Offered Every Week

1 Week: M-F, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm*  2 Weekends: Sat/Sun, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm*


  *Discount on Craft Cocktail Class*

  Bar Orientation / Tools of the Trade
  Spirits / Liquors / Liqueurs / Mixers
  Mechanical Pouring / Jigger Pouring / Classic Cocktail Ratios
  Cocktail Preparation / 1 Liquor Drinks / 2 Liquor Drinks / Multi Liquor Drinks
 Building & Understanding Well Balanced Cocktails
  Proper Steps of Service
  Craft Cocktails Techniques
  Bitters / Simple Syrups / Clear Ice / Glassware
  Beer/Wine Knowledge
  Beer/Wine Steps of Service
  Getting a Job / Job Coaching Workshops
  FREE Refresher Classes


1. How much does it cost to take DrinkMaster Bartending School?   $445 SPECIAL! $375 This week only! Don’t miss your chance to SAVE!
2. What is the age required to be a bartender in MA?  18 is the age required by most states to bartend.
3. Do I have to have experience to Bartend in MA ? Take the DrinkMaster Bartending Course and you'll learn the necessary skills and foundation to start working.
4. What happens if I miss a class?  You receive unlimited refresher bartending classes for free, and may return as often as needed until you’re comfortable with your bartending skills.
5. What is included in my bartending course?  Your tuition includes the cost of the Master Bartending Course and all corresponding manuals and supplies. TiPS Certification, is offered for an additional $75 at DrinkMaster Bartending School MA.
6. Do I have to be certified to work as a bartender?  Yes, TiPS Certification is mandated by cities and insurance companies to work as a bartender.
7. Does DrinkMaster offer Job Coaching ? Yes, DrinkMaster offers unlimited Job Coaching Workshops for graduates.
8. No Refunds for classes already taken.  No refunds are issued. Students may transfer to any future course at no additional charge.
9. DrinkMaster will accommodate anyone passionate about learning the trade of bartending. All are welcome. Inquire about accommodations.
10. Call us at 617-482-1999.  Text us at 617-719-9999

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Boston – 45 Bromfield St., Suite 301, 02108, Framingham – 328 Worcester Rd, 01702

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Venue: 45 Bromfield Street Suite 301 Boston, MA 02108

Coordinates: 42.3569801,-71.0631124

Directions: Directly Across from the Park Street and Downtown Crossing.

Phone: (617-482-1999)